Sunday is a significant day for our church as we gather to be encouraged and challenged, to worship and learn.

The Sunday morning schedule:

  • Due to COVID-19, we are changing our Sunday Schedule to accomodate safe distancing. Please read this blog post about what to expect during this time. Most importantly, we will be having two services—one at 9am and another at 11am. We are asking families to Register for one of the services.

RSVP for a Sunday Service

For directions, visit our contact page.

Here's What to Expect

When you enter the building, our greeters will welcome you warmly and will be able to find an answer to any questions you have about where to go or when things happen. Sovereign Grace Church is an accessible facility. If you require wheelchair access, designated parking or seating, or additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is designed to be a safe, Bible centered, creative, friendly and encouraging time for ages one to sixth grade. The content of the classes is often working through a story from the Scriptures and then learning what it teaches about God and ourselves. As children grow, the classes become more directed toward the attributes of God, the promises of God, theology, and the gospel. Guests, you’ll find a Children’s Ministry Registration Table in the main lobby, where you will receive a name badge and identification number, as well as people eager to answer any of your questions.

Worship and Preaching

Pastor Daniel leading worshipOur worship is crafted to remind you of essential truths and to affect your heart. We sing a blend of traditional hymns and newer songs. We use a full band to help us express our worship to God and to encounter God himself while we worship. There is opportunity for people in the congregation to contribute, and on occasion these times will also include the Lord’s Supper and water baptisms.

We intend the teaching to be both faithful to God’s Word and also taught so that it can be applied right where you are. Our sermons are derived from the Scriptures, and we most often work through a specific book of the Bible. The gospel sits prominent in our sermons because it is the preeminent truth of the Scriptures. Throughout the history of the church, its preaching has always been a chief means of grace—of instruction, change, and encouragement—and we see this same emphasis in God’s Word itself.



We have a prayer team at the front of the auditorium every Sunday after the service. If you have a prayer need, please make your way to the front and one of our prayer team members will be eager to join you in prayer.


We would love to greet you in our Guest Information area, located in the lobby. Here you'll find helpful individuals who will provide you more information about various church ministries, where you can ask questions about the church, and get to interact with church members.