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In a 2002 Dilbert cartoon, Wally hands a piece of paper to the "pointy-haired boss." The oblivious boss says, "Wally, your status report is just a bunch of buzzwords strung together." Wally responds in the next panel, "I've been giving you that same status report every week for eleven years." And in the third panel he adds, "Five years ago you adopted it as our mission statement."

That's the risk with a mission statement—that it would become a trite, trendy, and lifeless set of words that mean something at one time but die out after a few weeks of use.

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Thank you to all those who participated in the initial information meeting about Safe Families For Children!

Read below for the next steps for those who continue to have interest in helping with SFFC.

We'd like to know your level of interest and to get you on our email list. You can also RSVP for the training event at the Auer's Home this Saturday.

"I'm Interested" Form

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We are excited to tell you about an opportunity to get involved in our community through a ministry called Safe Families for Children. Safe Families is a volunteer ministry that exists to provide biblical hospitality, love, and support to families in crisis, largely through providing parents with safe places for their children to stay while they work to resolve whatever crises that they are experiencing, such as unemployment, homelessness, or financial difficulty. This ministry equips churches like ours to create support networks for desperate people in our community who have no one to turn to in times of crisis. They do this through creating teams of people to come alongside of these families in various roles. This is one of the really neat things about Safe Families - that there are many ways to be involved.

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It is fitting that our sermon on Mother's Day happened to be on the grace of God. There's nothing a mom needs more than that. And both prove to be very different than we at first expected.

We looked at Titus 2:11-14, one of the great passages in the Bible on the grace of God. Yet, it presents grace to us in a way that is not so familiar—not so expected. We are accustomed to thinking of "saved by grace" or "forgiven because of grace" or "accepted by grace." And all of these are true. But grace is…

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Last November our church members sponsored 100 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for boys ages 10 -14. OCC receives the least number of boxes for this particular group so we choose to focus solely on packing quality boxes that included school supplies, comb, soap, socks, small toys, and either a soccer ball and pump or a small tool kit. The Mike Noel Homegroup hosted a packing party and all 100 boxes were registered to be tracked as to their final destination. So where did they go?

According to the shoe box tracking site, SGC’s boys'…

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A tired, older ex-convict once sent a letter to a younger minister of the gospel. The two had worked together for years, and now the younger minister was venturing off on his own. The older man had traveled extensively for the sake of the gospel and wanted his younger protege to do well in the face of significant challenges. He would need guidance on some critical areas, courage to face the inevitable challenges to gospel ministry in a hostile land, and a heavy dose of reminders about the grace of God. We call this writing, "The Letter of Paul to Titus." That Paul

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The musical portion of our Sunday morning worship service tends to be based around one or two themes - something related to the sermon text, the trials or celebrations in the life of the church, or special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. At election time, I recall there being more than the usual number of references to Psalm 2.

What our church has not done as a matter of ordinary course, is to structure our songs and readings in a manner that reflects the narrative structure of redemption, though this has, in fact, been the practice of many denominations throughout church history.

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Yesterday we began our look at Paul's words to the Corinthians, "act like men, be strong" (1 Cor 16:13). See that post for a basic explanation and its connection to some important Old Testament moments. Our first point was that we need to "act like men" and "be strong" because we face real enemies in our lives. Now we conclude our look at part of what it means to be a Christian man in our day. 


All those OT moments--Israel about to cross into…

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Doctors have recently coined a phrase that until very recently did not exist: gender dysphoria. There is still controversy in the medical community about the idea, but it means that a person experiences a significant amount of "distress" connected to a feeling that a person's physical gender is not their true gender.

There is much that could be said about this medical condition, but there is a spiritual condition that we could also label "gender dysphoria." We, too, can experience a level of "distress" that comes from living out our Christian manhood and womanhood.

We might be able to identify…

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This Sunday, Chris Scott will be leading our congregational music for us. Chris and his wife Rebecca are new members of our church, but began serving and sinking into church life, here, from their very first Sunday. 

Chris has spent a lifetime playing music and singing in choirs and comes to us having served for nine years as the worship leader of Christ Community in Wilson. A career move brought him and Rebecca and their three sons to Apex this summer, and we are the beneficiaries. Chris has appreciated the worship music ministry of Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Churches…

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