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Sermon Passages: Mark 15:22-37

Good Friday Service: The Cross of Christ is what strength looks like. Jesus took the weight of our sins upon himself and bore the full wrath of God for those sins. He could have chosen to end it, but in his strength, he bore that for us. He gave himself for our weakness, and because he endured, we can run the race before us with his strength.

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Sermon Passages: Mark 15:33-41

The atonement made by Jesus in his death has innumerable facets. Considering four of these facets in particular, we see Jesus as the triumphant king (Christus victor); the mediator who bridges the gap of sin that separates us from God; the ultimate moral example for us; and chief of all, our own sacrifice and substitute suffering under and completely satisfying the wrath of God in our place and whose righteousness now clothes us.

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Sermon Passages: Mark 15:16-39

The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark highlights the irony that Jesus is mocked as king, but he is in fact king of all. Jesus suffers not only physical pain, but also the very wrath of God, in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and types, and to secure our salvation and life by suffering in our place. We are no longer separated from the presence of and fellowship with God, and in fact the crucifixion reveals clearly God's love for us. The only proper response is for us to worship in awe and gratitude.