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Sermon Passages: Ephesians 4:25

Put off falsehood. Put on truth. Why? Because we are members one of another. Speaking the truth in love builds real relationships as we confess our sin to one another, admonish each other about the dangers of sin, and encourage each other with the promises of God. See also the blog post with self-evaluation questions from the sermon.

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Sermon Passages: Ephesians 4:15-16

Truth+Love=Growth. If we are going to grow up into Christ, conformed to his image, we need people to lovingly speak truth to us, and we also must lovingly speak that truth to others, rescuing the sinner, rescuing our brother or sister, from futile thinking. It is the truth of who God is, spoken in love, that produces the growth God wants for his children and in the body of Christ as a whole.