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Sermon Passages: John 9:1-41

Yesupadam points out the impact that the testimony and example of one blind man had on an entire community, reminding us that God can use us and our weaknesses in similar was. Phil interviews Yesupadam on God's work in their ministries.

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Sermon Passages: John 6:22-71

Jesus says he can provide a bread that will sustain us, giving life to the world and giving us eternal life. But he draws a strong reaction from the crowd when he explains that it is his own body that is this bread. We see that Jesus is speaking of believing in him; to believe in Jesus is to eat this bread. However, we see as well that eternal life comes at the cost of our own desires; we must give ourselves to Jesus.

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Sermon Passages: John 2:13-25

Our sin cannot be fixed by something as simple as an outpatient surgery. It required the actual death of the very son of God. John describes to us that Jesus is the true temple of God, through which the true high priest ministers the true sacrifice that will deal with our sins once and for all. Our forgiveness, death to sin, and life are all bound up in his death and resurrection and in our believing in him.