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Sermon Passages: Philippians 4:10-20

The Philippians serve as a model for us of a joyful partnership in the gospel. A significant aspect of this partnership was their giving to support Paul's ministry and to provide for the needs of the church in Jerusalem. This partnership met practical needs, helped to cultivate a unity in the gospel, and required sacrifice on their part.

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Sermon Passages: Philippians 4:14-19

Phil gives an update on the expansion project at the beginning of its third and final year, setting out the opportunities that lie before us in this last year. We see that our giving serves as an encouragement to others, an investment in the future, and a sacrifice to God. In addition, we can draw encouragement from the fact that God is our loving and caring Father who will provide for all of our needs.

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God is glorified when we are obedient to his commands, including his command to give, and especially when we give sacrificially. Giving is a work of grace that we are to pursue. The grace of giving benefits us by laying up treasure in heaven, helping us to mortify materialism and covetousness, and allowing us to partner in the gospel.