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Sermon Passages: Exodus 19:1-24:18

God's covenants are progressive revelations of himself and progressive provisions for his people. In each of his covenants, God changes his relationship to his people forever. We see in the giving of the Mosaic covenant that God comes to dwell among his people, which is a foretaste of the nearness to God that we experience in fellowship with Jesus. We also see that God gives law in each of his covenants as a good gift to his people, to govern their lives and to teach his will.

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Sermon Passages: Exodus 24:1-18

Old Testament Law is relevant to us today. Broadly, as a whole it gives us an appreciation for God's history of redemption, and specifically, the moral law applies to us today as Christians. Most importantly, we are to understand the Old Testament Law in a framework of grace. God first loved and saved Israel and, then, through the law taught them to live holy lives for his glory. Obedience of the law cannot earn God's favor; it must be motivated by love for God and gratitude for our finished salvation.

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Sermon Passages: Exodus 15:22-18:27

After seeing God's great power and glory, Israel falls into escalating grumbling as God brings them through the wilderness. Moses, however, retains his faith in "the LORD my banner." Without denying the very real and agonizing hardships we experience in life, we must resist the temptation to unbelief and grumbling and must remind ourselves of God's goodness and faithfulness. He will surely continue to sustain us through trials.

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Sermon Passages: Exodus 11:1-13:16

God delivered Israel out of Egypt by killing all of the Egyptians' firstborn but passing over Israel because of their making the passover sacrifice in faith. God charged Israel to remember their redemption to all generations; to forget God's redemption and deliverance was a matter of life and death. Likewise for us today, we are charged to remember our deliverance and redemption from sin in Jesus as a matter of life and death.

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Sermon Passages: Exodus 7:1-10:29

In Exodus 5:2 Pharaoh asks, "Who is the LORD?" God proceeds to demonstrate his lordship through a series of ten great plagues visited on the nation of Egypt. God is glorious lord over all human authority, over all false gods, and over all of creation. He calls his people to live holy lives set apart unto him.