Hello homeschoolers!

This year at SGC we're again offering our Bible class. For the last decade or so this has been a four-year rotation that includes Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, and Church History. It is designed to be a high school program, but good readers in middle school can definitely benefit. We have set these courses up to be for taken in different ways: one full credit, a half-credit, or for audit.

Over the next four years, here's the schedule:

  • Old Testament Survey - 2017-2018
  • Church History - 2018-2019
  • New Testament Survey - 2019-2020
  • Systematic Theology - 2020-2021

Our pattern has been to hold these classes on Tuesday mornings at the church with a cost of $25 that is essentially a supply fee. Classes run from September to late April/early May, meeting twice per month for a total of around a dozen classes. Here are the dates for 2017-2018:

  • Sept 19
  • Oct 10, 24
  • Nov 14
  • Dec 5
  • Jan 9, 23
  • Feb 6, 20
  • Mar 13, 27
  • Apr 10
  • May 1

Assisgnments depend on how much credit you're doing, but they will be (1) a good bit of reading the Bible, (2) some reading from outside sources, (3) the class discussions, and (4) writing assignments that will require some comprehension of the reading and reporting on it. These won't be overly long assignments.

The Old Testament class this year will be a bit different than I've done it in the past. Most of the work will actually be reading a good bit from the Old Testament. Those taking it for full-credit will also read A User's Guide to the Old Testament. You might recognize the author!

Classes will be more discussion- than lecture-based. We'll circle our chairs and allow opportunity for people to share what they observed in the readings. I'll give themes to look for as you read the OT but the hope is that people will encounter the OT in a personal and direct manner through the class.

Here is the course syllabus, which has some hyperlinked recommended resources. 

Register in the form below. Hope to see you this fall!

"Professor" Baker