This course is planned for 2019-2020.

Course Summary

Introduction to the New Testament is a class designed to give students a basic overview of all of the genre of the New Testament. Lectures will cover two gospels, Acts, a couple of Paul’s epistles, several of the general epistles, and the book of Revelation. The work of the class is in attending lectures, reading the book, reading most of the New Testament, and in writing short summaries about certain books of the Bible.

Course Resource

The key text is Introducing the New Testament: A Short Guide to its History and Message by D.A. Carson, Douglas J. Moo, and Andrew David Naselli (Zondervan, 2010). The book isn’t overly long (under 200 pages), but still provides an excellent look at each book of the New Testament and  the central issues important to interpreting them well.

Course Credit

You can take the class as full credit, half-credit, or audit. This translates (very roughly) into about 100-120 hours of work for a full credit, 60 hours of work for half-credit.