Systematic Theology Class Overview

  • Class meets for 14 sessions from August 30, 2016 through April 11, 2017 (see schedule below).
  • Class is targeted at High School students, though Middle Schoolers are welcome.
  • Class can be taken for a full credit, half-credit, or simply be audited.
  • Cost for the class is $30
  • Class meets on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-10:15am
  • Class is taught by John McLeod

This course will cover the subject of Systematic Theology. If you're not sure what that is, you are a great candidate for this class. Basically, we will explore what the Bible says about a multitude of topics including:

  • Who is God and what is He like?
  • What is the Bible and can we trust it?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • What is man?
  • Who is Christ and what did he accomplish on the cross?
  • What is election?
  • What are justification, sanctification, and perseverance?
  • How can a person be saved?
  • What is the church?
  • What are spiritual gifts?
  • What does God say will happen in the future?

The class will be using the textbook, Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith by Wayne Grudem (and edited by Jeff Purswell).

Date Subject Reading Due Notes

Aug 30

Introduction to Systematic Theology

Preface, Ch. 1
(22 pages)

Sept 13

The Doctrine of Scripture

Chs. 2-3
(34 pages)


Sept 27

The Doctrine of God: His Attributes

Chs. 4-5
(37 pages)


Oct 11

The Doctrine of God: The Trinity

Ch. 6
(20 pages)

Exam 1 Due
(Chs. 1-5)

Nov 1

Creation and Providence

Chs. 7-8
(34 pages)


Nov 15

The Doctrine of Man: 

Chs. 11-12
(23 pages)


Dec 6

The Doctrine of Sin

Ch. 13
(19 pages)

Jan 10 SNOW DAY & Review review Give out Exam 2

Jan 24

Christ and the Atonement

Chs. 14-15
(32 pages)

Exam 2 Due
(Chs. 6-8, 11-13)

Feb 7

Election and the Gospel Call

Chs. 17-19
(27 pages)


Feb 21

Regeneration, Conversion, Justification,
and Adoption

Chs. 20-22 
(25 pages)


Mar 7

Sanctification, Perseverance, and
the Doctrine of the Church

Chs. 23-24, 26 
(33 pages)

Exam 3 Due
(Chs. 14-15, 17-22)

Mar 28

The Gifts of the Spirit

Chs. 29-30
(28 pages)


April 11

The Doctrine of the Future

Chs. 31-34
(44 pages)

Paper Due


--- ---

Exam 4 Due
(Chs. 23-24, 26, 29-34)

Class Format

  • Classes will meet from 9:00-10:15am.
  • Classes will include lecture and discussion of reading assignments.
  • The expectation for class discussion will be commensurate with age and maturity. It is understood that some of this material is challenging and difficult to understand.

Assignments and Grading /// 3 Options

Grading will be based on class participation, quizzes, homework assignments, and exams. There are three options that determine the level of work required for the class.

Option 1 - Full Credit

  • 4 Exams (multiple choice, short answer + 2 short essay questions)
  • Class participation
  • Complete all Reading Assignments
  • Turn in written answers for at least TWO “Review Questions” and TWO “Questions for Personal Application” for each of the chapters due for the class.
  • Final Paper (see below for more details)

Option 2 - Half Credit

  • 4 Exams (multiple choice, short answer - No essay questions)
  • Class participation
  • Complete all Reading Assignments
  • Turn in a Reading Summary at each class (3-5 sentences describing what you read and at least one thing you found interesting).

Option 3 - Audit

  • Class participation and Reading are recommended.
  • Exams and written assignments are completely optional.

The students taking the class for a full credit must choose from one of the following writing assignments. Each paper will be graded on content and grammar.

For either of these writing assignments, the teacher is happy to give assistance in the planning and writing phases, but the final paper is due for a grade by March 28.

Option 1 - Paper on Theological Topic

  • Select a theological topic covered at any point in the year and write a 3-5 page paper exploring the topic further.
  • Should include a bibliography of any sources used.

Option 2 - Book Review of Theological Book 

Papers should meet the following criteria:

  • Include a cover page
  • 1 inch margins
  • No larger than 12 pt font
  • Double-spaced