Course Summary

The course is a survey of church history from the New Testament era until the present. The point of the class is to both appreciate the men and women who have gone before us and also to learn from their challenges and mistakes. Church history gives us both encouragement and humility as we study it. Further, it strengthens our faith to see how God has preserved his people through all nations and generations.

The class will be meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm for the 2018-2019 school year.

Here are the dates for the upcoming class:

  • Sep 11, 25
  • Oct 9, 23
  • Nov 6, 27
  • Dec  – Christmas Vacation
  • Jan 8, 29
  • Feb 12, 26
  • Mar 19
  • Apr 2
  • Apr 30 (if needed as makeup for winter weather, etc.)

Course Resources

Students will read Bruce Shelley’s Church History in Plain Language (4th edition), attend class lectures, and have a variety of additional reading and work dependent on the credit level of the class. Shelley’s book is an accessible and thorough overview of the church throughout history (500 pages, but it reads easily).

Students taking the class for a full unit of high school credit will also read Roland Bainton’s biography of Martin Luther, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther.

Course Credit

The class can be taken for audit (just attend the lectures, read as you like), full high school credit (equivalent to a 1-unit class), half high school credit (equivalent to .5 units), or as a middle schooler (same lectures and reading, taken as pass/fail class). Parents will need to make the decision on behalf of their students.

Here are the course materials from the 2014-2015 school year.