Agua Viva Children's Home 

Agua Viva is a Christian children’s home near Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The home cares for almost 80 children and also has a school for nearly 300 students from the surrounding area. Guatemala is very impoverished and this area is no exception. The people in the area have little and many times it is extremely difficult for them to survive while caring for their families. The children who come to the home are either sent there from the courts for various reasons (severe abuse, neglect, etc.) or they come from the surrounding impoverished community. They are brought to Agua Viva to be cared for, fed and receive an education. The heart of Agua Viva is to share the love of Christ, to care for and disciple the children in the home, and to reach the surrounding community for Jesus Christ. We have found Agua Viva to be a place of peace and love.

Portrait of Mark and Sherri

Mark & Sherri

Mark & Sherri will be coordinating and hosting the teams that come to help and serve at the home. This will include overseeing the work projects, translating between teams and Guatemalan staff, overseeing the group’s daily activities (either in the home or in the community), and helping to make the team’s time there effective and beneficial both for them as well as the home. 

portrait of Misi


Misi will be coordinating the school scholarship program. She will also be doing much of their marketing and social media, including projects such as website work, database management, photography, and making videos. She will also be responsible organizing and keeping up with their storage room for all donations, clothing, and other items.

Portrait of Abbey

Abbey (Schlax) Miculax

Abbey is the English Teacher at the Agua Viva School.  She teaches Kindergarten through 6th Grade, which includes most of the kids from the home as well as many from the surrounding community. She will also be serving as the translator for the teams who come to serve. 



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