Keepers Overview

Keepers is the girls club division of Keepers of the Faith. It was started by Jeff and Susan Zakula who desired to teach their children practical skills in a way that would incorporate biblical teaching and allow the whole family to participate. Eventually, their ideas spread and they started selling resources to others.

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Typical Club Meeting

Our clubs meet twice a month, September through May.  A typical club meeting includes a short Bible devotion and a merit activity. Our focus during our devotions is to encourage godly friendships and caring for each other as we discuss the topics presented.  Currently, we use the "Write Upon My Heart" Character Studies provided by Keepers of the Faith. We complete about 3-5 merits in our clubs each year.  Missed club meetings will usually need to be made-up at home in order to complete the merit.

The Clubs

  • Caring Keepers (Grades 1-2, minimum age is 6 years and in first grade)
  • Helping Keepers (Grades 3-5)
  • Servant Keepers (Grades 6-8)

For further information or questions please contact our Keeper's Coordinator, Elizabeth Ehresman.


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A Keeper's Purpose

To glorify God and learn to walk in the steps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ day by day, moment by moment, in every situation.

A Keeper's Goal

To have a teachable spirit so that I can apply the lessons and master the different crafts and skills which will enable me to become a competent, well-balanced Christian girl who loves God, and who pursues biblical femininity.