What if when Jesus told us that we "should love our neighbor as ourselves," he meant that we should love our actual neighbors? At SGC, we want to do just that; love our neighbors in practical, prayerful, and tangible ways. For many of us, that means that we have to transition from viewing our neighbors as strangers to viewing them as acquaintances, then to developing a relationship with them. But how do you do that if you've had the same neighbors for years but don't even know their names? Or only know their names? Or what if you're new to a neighborhood?

This year, in an effort to encourage us in reaching our lost neighbors, the E-Team is going to be sponsoring 5 classes spread throughout the year to share practical ways that we can grow in our love for, and engagement with, our neighbors. We'll have ideas for overcoming the "fences" in our neighborhood relationships. The class is open to anyone who would like to attend. The next meeting will be May 6, from 1:00-2:00 PM.

What to expect:

  • We will discuss how we can take the Great Commission seriously.
  • We'll spend some time in prayer
  • We'll discuss practical yet simple ways to engage our neighbors.

Scheduled Classes:

  • October 1
  • December 3
  • January 14
  • March 4
  • May 6

The meetings will be an hour long leaving enough time for you to grab lunch after church and join us in the multipurpose room. We'd love to see you there. For more information, contact Blake Johnson.