What a blessing to work with one another! We give thanks for all you do, but we do have important positions that need filling. Would you please consider volunteering in any of the following?

Children's Ministry

  • 4-5K class - helper for 1st Sundays
  • 4-5K class - teacher for 3rd Sundays
  • 4-5K class  - helper for 4th Sundays
  • Grade 4 -  helper for 4th Sundays

Please contact Donna Walton for more information.


  • This is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to serve! 
  • No experience necessary
  • Men or Women, teenagers, and adults can serve

Contact Will Henderson or Ricky Wright for more information.

Hall Monitors

  • We need an adult man to serve one week during the month in the lobby area

Contact Greg Anderton for more information.

Guest Information Table

  • This is an excellent opportunity for couples who would like to serve together on Sundays!
  • Contact Jim Bastic for more information.

Coffee Team or Hot Beverage Technical Engineers

We are looking for young (not required), strong back (not required) coffee drinkers (this would help) that will take charge and service the tables. We would love 2 couples or 2 singles or a combination thereof. The benefits for this position include;

  • First cup of the day privileges
  • First bakery goods of the day privileges (if available)
  • First fellowship of the day privileges
  • The sole use of a white tray labeled, “Coffee Ministry” (pretty sweet deal).
  • Contact Dawn or Eli Ruhl