Discipleship Class

Have you found that real change takes more than a TED Talk? You might like to attend our six-week overview of biblical change, helping relationships, and other provocative thoughts on community. We will meet Sunday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 AM in the multipurpose room, beginning Sunday, October 6.

On the dynamics of Biblical change and helping relationships:

  1. Farm to Table - We experience joys and trials. What fruit is produced as we respond, react, and are rescued? A discussion of how life is hard and our hearts are busy.
  2. The Great Exchange - Not to be confused with the great escape - how can God become central in our messy lives? Learn about living with a loving God who moves toward us. 
  3. Help, I need somebody - God created community, so how do we fit into the “one another's”? Being dependent, and loving it!
  4. How Are You? - Are you a good conversationalist? Want to become a better one? This session will cover some tools to help you know yourself and others better through talking together.
  5. Who’s Got the Power? - What can bring about the change that you are looking for - double espresso, extra day at the gym, winning the lottery? We will explore how meaningful change happens.   
  6. Your Hour is Up - Do you realize you spend a lot of time counseling? Every conversation impacts how we think about stuff. We’ll learn what to say when we don’t give advice.


Help with Childcare


Interested in taking this class but need childcare? Please complete this registration form before September 15.