Good intentions are not enough; it is possible to hurt poor people in the very process of trying to help them. Learn how you can walk with people who are poor in ways that lead to lasting change.

Based on the book When Helping Hurts, the goal of this study is to equip us with a ministry framework that restores the poor to fulfilling their God-given callings and potential. Rather than simply defining poverty as a lack of material things, we'll address the roots of the issue and see how God's reconciling work moves us toward helping the poor without hurting them.

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October 8 Reconsidering the Meaning of Poverty Unit 1
October  15 Seeing God at Work, Part 1 Unit 2
October 22 Seeing God at Work, Part 2 Unit 2
October 29 Understanding Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough Unit 3
November 5 Joining God's Work, Part 1 Unit 4
November 12 Joining God's Work, Part 2 Unit 4
November 19 Fostering Change Unit 5
December 3 Moving Forward Unit 6