Conference Overview

SGC is hosting Having Gospel Conversations with Dr. James Anderson of Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) and Dr. Nathan Sasser of Greenville Technical College (SC). Sessions will be Friday night July 19, and Saturday, July 20. Dr. Anderson will also preach Sunday morning. 

Having gospel conversations requires an understanding of the gospel we believe and the people we're talking to. One aspect of this is thinking through what is distinct about the Christian worldview and the worldview of those around us. The more confident we can be in our understanding of these things, the more confident we will be engaging with those around us who need Jesus. 

Drs. Anderson and Sasser are certainly educated men, but the goal of this conference is not at all an academic one. We simply want to learn some things to give us more confident to tell the people in our lives about Jesus. It is for all ages and for anyone interested whether in the church or in the community.

Conference Speakers

Dr. James Anderson is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (B. Eng. Hons.) and the University of Edinburgh (Ph.D., Ph.D.) and specializes in philosophical theology, religious epistemology, and Christian apologetics at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has also had experience serving in churches and is currently active in Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC. He is the author of Why Should I Believe Christianity? and What's Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions. He is also the author of numerous articles and essays.


Dr. Nathan Sasser is a graduate of NCSU (BA), Westminster Theological Seminary (M. Div.) and the University of South Carolina (Ph. D. Philosophy). For five years he worked for the Sovereign Grace Pastors College and currently teaches philosophy at Greenville Technical College. He has published articles on David Hume and Reformed arguments for the existence of God. 





Conference Schedule: 

Friday Evening 7:00 pm

  • Worldviews: What they are, why they matter, how to evaluate them (Dr. Anderson)

Saturday 8:30 am–4:00 pm

  • The Christian Worldview: Explaining the biblical worldview and discussing some of its virtues (Dr. Anderson)
  • Worldview Evangelism: How to use the preceding material in evangelistic conversations (Dr. Anderson)
  • Romans 1: What Do Unbelievers Believe and Why We Can Be Confident in the Gospel (Dr. Sasser)
  • Q&A with Drs. Anderson and Sasser

Sunday 10:00 am

  • Dr. Anderson will preach from Acts 17 on "When Worldviews Collide.