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Having Gospel Conversations

Conference Overview

SGC is hosting Having Gospel Conversations with Dr. James Anderson of Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) and Dr. Nathan Sasser of Greenville Technical College (SC). Sessions will be Friday night July 19, and Saturday, July 20. Dr. Anderson will also preach Sunday morning. 

Having gospel conversations requires an understanding of the gospel we believe and the people we're talking to. One aspect of this is thinking through what is distinct about the Christian worldview and the worldview of those around…

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Agua Viva Mission Trip 2019

The Agua Viva 2019 Mission Trip's calendar is full of events. Some are for the team members and some are for the church to participate in.


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Team Meeting                         Church Events
September 30 October 28 - Potato Palooza
January 6 January 20 - Souperbowl Sunday
February 3 April 6 - Yard Sale