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You can give as a guest or with a member login. If you'd like help setting up your account login, email the church office at [email protected]. You can find more information on using Realm at our explanatory page.

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Alms Needs

The elders and our Deacon of Benevolence review needs for alms regularly. If you know of a need within the church that you would like us to consider, you may suggest it with this form.

Suggest an Alms Need


What methods of payment do you accept?

We allow giving with your checking account (ACH) or with your credit card. However, please realize that giving with your credit card costs the church 2.5% of your gift. This can cost the church hundreds of dollars in fees each month.

When at all possible, please use your checking account with your online giving.

Can I set up automatic (recurring) gifts?

Yes, you can set up recurring gifts and donations. This can be done by adjusting the Frequency when you set up the online gift in Realm.

Can I give to other funds besides "tithes and offerings?"

Yes, you may give to several different funds.

  • Tithes and Offerings
  • Mortgage Reduction
  • General Alms
  • Mission Trip Support
  • Directed Alms (Please use the “Suggest an Alms” form to specify person/reason for the gift.)
Can I give an alms gift and specify who should receive it?

Thank you for wanting to bless others who are experiencing financial hardship. We have an alms request form that you may submit to inform the church of an alms need. You can submit this need whether or not you personally can give towards the need.

We have a policy regarding designated alms (see the next Q&A) that helps clarify what is and is not allowed by the IRS regarding designated giving.

What is the church's policy regarding designated alms?

Designated Alms Policy

Sovereign Grace Church, in the exercise of its religious and charitable purposes, has established an alms fund to assist persons in financial need. The church welcomes contributions to the fund, and donors are free to suggest beneficiaries of the fund (or of their contributions to the fund). However, such suggestions shall be deemed advisory rather than mandatory in nature. The administration of the fund, including all disbursements, is subject to the exclusive control and discretion of the Elder Board of Sovereign Grace Church as they seek to operate according to biblical principles and wisdom. The Elder Board may consider donors' suggestions for use of the funds, but in no event is it bound in any way to honor them, since the suggestions are accepted only on the condition that they are merely nonbinding recommendations. As a result, donors will not be entitled to a return of their contributions on the ground that the church failed to honor their suggested use of the funds.

Donors making contributions to the alms fund subject to these conditions may be able to claim them as deductions on their itemized federal income tax return. The church cannot guarantee this result and recommends that donors who want assurance that their contributions are deductible seek the advice of a tax professional.

If a donor wants to guarantee that a donation goes to a specific individual and merely wants to remain anonymous, the church is happy to disperse these funds on his or her behalf. However, this would not be considered a tax-deductible donation, and very specific instructions must be communicated to and acknowledged by the Elder Board that this is the sole intended purpose of the funds.

Can I see a record of my previous giving?

Yes, once you are logged into Realm, you can see all previous giving. You also will receive an email notification when you give.

Is your online giving secure?

Yes, our online giving is handled on a secure web server. 

Can I give "non-cash" donations?

Yes, you may give non-cash donations. We have a dedicated web page that gives you more information.

Use our Amazon Smile Account

This isn't a true Q&A, but the church does have an Amazon Smile account, where a portion of your purchase supports our church.

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