This week's video update is now available. For this installment we look at Isaiah 40 and the way it presents God as both infinite over us and concerned for us. In hard times we need to be confident of both. 

The quote I read is from Jerry Bridges' The Joy of Fearing God

Through these word-pictures of God’s immensity, sovereignty, and power, Isaiah is seeking to communicate to us something of the greatness of God. As the Westminster Shorter Catechism says, He is infinite, eternal, and unchangeable. His infinity means He is totally without limits. If the waters of the earth were twice as much as they actually are, He would still hold them in the hollow of His hand. If every nation of the world were to unite against Him, the One enthroned in heaven would still scoff at them; in His time and in His way He would blow on them and they would wither. If there were ten or a hundred times as many stars in the universe, He would still sustain them in their respective courses and call them each by name. Truly God’s greatness no one can fathom.

And the four books I recommend at the end are:


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