Someone recently asked about the upcoming sermon schedule, because they wanted to read ahead and prepare for the preaching. That is a great desire and an excellent way to get even more out of the sermons. So, below is the plan for part one of the Isaiah series. We'll be dividing it into three parts over the next several months).


Date Preacher Passage
Nov 5 Daniel Baker Isa 1:1-20
Nov 12 Daniel Baker Isa 2:1-22
Nov 19 Sam Hodges Isa 5:1-30
Nov 26 John McLeod Isa 6:1-13
Dec 3 Daniel Baker Isa 7:1-8:10
Dec 10 Daniel Baker Isa 8:11-15
Dec 17 Phil Sasser Isa 9:1-7
Dec 24 Daniel Baker Isa 11:1-9
Dec 31 Mike Noel Isa 13:1-14:23
Jan 7 John McLeod Isa 24
Jan 14 Aaron Beane TBD
Jan 21 Sam Hodges Race in the Church and the Christian Life
Jan 28 Phil Sasser Isa 35
Feb 4 Daniel Baker Isa 36-37

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