We recently added a page on our website to answer seven key questions you and others might have about bi-vocational elders at SGC. Here are the questions we answered on that page:

  1. Why do we need more elders?
  2. Why do we use the term “bi-vocational” elder?
  3. Do we still believe elders should be paid?
  4. Do bi-vocational and paid elders have an equal voice in all elder decisions? (I.e., do we have two different statuses of elder?)
  5. What is the process of becoming ordained at SGC?
  6. Do we plan to hire our bi-vocational elders one day?
  7. How should you give your input about our elder candidates?

In the months to come, we'll tackle these in contexts like Sunday announcements and other places, but we wanted you to know the page exists.

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