In case it's helpful for you, I uploaded my sermon notes from yesterday to the sermon page. The opening on the idea of a Christian counterculture had some heady stuff, so I thought my notes might allow you a chance to hear it again. The notes include the quotes I read. In the end, it is a great comfort to know that the truth we believe is not just true for us or true in certain areas of life, but that it is comprehensively true and speaks to all areas of human existence. As you heard me read from Herman Bavinck's 1888 address, our 

faith is catholic, not restricted to any time, place, nation, or people. It can enter into all situations, can connect with all forms of natural life, is suitable to every time, and beneficial for all things, and is relevant in all circumstances. It is free and independent because it is in conflict only with sin and in the blood of the Cross there is purification for every sin.

Herman Bavinck, "The Catholicity of Christianity and the Church"

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