As we mentioned over the last couple weeks, on Sunday night, January 7th, at 6:30pm, we're having a parenting forum at SGC. Three seasoned couples will be our mentors for the night, and we'll ask a variety of questions to draw them out. Our church has many people that could offer insight and wisdom for a forum like this. We chose Phil and Cassie Sasser, Gary and Elaine Ruhl, and Mike and Connie Noel because all of their children are grown and seeking the Lord. This gives them a unique perspective on the different seasons of parenting. 

For the 7th we'll think of parenting in 4 stages: 0-7 yrs, 7-12 yrs, 13-18 yrs, and 18-25 yrs. So, please don't think of this forum as only about relating to grown children. That will be discussed, I'm sure, but it isn't the focus for the night. 

If you have a specific question you'd like addressed, please send them to me. We'll do what we can to incorporate everyone's questions and concerns. 

See you on the 7th,


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