Dan Noel has been serving in our college and singles ministries for years. A year ago we asked him to take on the college ministry as its leader. The task was formidable and required a great amount of creativity and perseverance. Dan proved to possess both. For this next year he decided to alter the ministry a bit and move toward more focused evangelism on the NC State campus. We are excited to support this change. The change creates some questions about the 18-22 year olds we have at other campuses or not attending college. In this post he briefly addresses all these issues. Contact Dan personally if you have more specific questions about this ministry. And please pray for this age group at SGC. It is a strategic demographic that we are committed to.


Right now the college group (CG) is an outreach-focused small group within Sovereign Grace Church. We believe that as young men and women we are called to "go and make disciples" (Matt. 28:19). We consider this call to missions as a personal challenge and also an important and serious one. "Go & Make" is our theme for the year. The topics of discussion at monthly meetings will focus around sharing the gospel with the lost in our jobs, school, and social spheres of influence. We'll be looking at Robert Coleman's The Master Plan of Evangelism and David Helms' One-to-One Bible Reading.

As a result of wanting to "Go & Make" and because we have a number of church members on State's campus (you may have seen some of them on stage last week), we have decided to start an Exploring Christianity Bible study on campus. Our goal is to start small and build from there. We believe this approach allows us to practice sharing the truth of the Bible with non-believers.

There will also be times when as a whole group we strategically spend time on State's campus engaging people in conversations. The CG at SGC is planning events throughout the year that will serve an avenue to invite friends to. These are events that will be put together by the plan it (planet) team. This team is led by Boone and Rachel Berlin. Interested in joining them? Contact me. Contact them.

What about the college students who aren't at State?

  1. We'd love to have you be a part of the NC State outreach. There will be many ways you can be involved in this. From dorm door conversations to taking part in our Bible Study or joining our Dorm Hustles.
  2. We'd love to have you reach out to your own campuses. Tentative plans are in the works for a bible study on Campbell's Campus. I'd love to help you start a bible study at your school, neighborhood, or work.
  3. We're having events throughout the year for all college age people and your friends to serve as a way to be able to foster relationships and FUN.

How can general church members be involved?

  1. Pray that our CG would be characterized by love that cares and boldness that speaks truth.
  2. You don't need to be cool to engage new young faces on Sunday mornings. Talk to them, pester them, care for them, and treat them like they matter.
  3. Have a particular burden to serve? I'd love to hear.

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