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Currently we find ourselves in the midst of a lot of change, especially when it comes to our routines. One thing that doesn’t change is God’s word and the truth contained in it. Jesus told his disciples that if we would abide in his word we would know the truth and it would set us free.  

Spiritual and Physical People

One of the things that has changed for us at least outwardly is our place of worship. Most of us are grateful for the alternative of worshipping together online as the service is streamed or as we hold small groups via…

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Our next mid-week video is now live. The COVID quarantine continues, and it looks like it'll be a while longer. Lord willing, we'll be able to meet face to face soon. Until then we'll do our best to continue these videos, which are just another way for us to stay connected as a church.

This week our special guest is Phil Sasser, Pastor Emeritus at SGC. We'll post this in two parts. The first has to do with the Sunday gathering, and the second with workplace evangelism. Given Phil's decades in pastoral ministry and…

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Our next mid-week video is up. This weeks' focus picks up where we left off on Sunday morning: The Sunday gathering on the Lord's Day. 

The example of the NT church is that they met on Sunday, the day of Jesus’ resurrection, and they referred to it as “the Lord’s Day.” To come together on the Lord’s Day wasn’t a convenient add-on to living the Christian life. It was one of the essential activities of the Christian:

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, 25 not neglecting to meet together,…

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The musical portion of our Sunday morning worship service tends to be based around one or two themes - something related to the sermon text, the trials or celebrations in the life of the church, or special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. At election time, I recall there being more than the usual number of references to Psalm 2....

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In honor of the Matthew Smith/Indelible Grace concert this September, here is a post Philip did for his blog in 2012:

Twelve years ago the loose confederation of Nashville musicians known as Indelible Grace were an anomaly in Christian music. They weren’t out to become famous for sounding like kosher editions of secular bands and they weren’t out to create music for churches that furthered the trend of tunefully sentimentalizing faith. They were out to make music the way jazz musicians once did: by taking a particular canon of songs (in their case, seventeenth and eighteenth century hymns)…

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How well do you know the prophecies of the Old Testament? Do you read them? Study them? Do you search for Christ in them? There are still many prophecies in the Bible I don’t fully understand, so I really appreciate when the New Testament writers help us with the meaning of Old Testament texts. Today, we’re considering the prophecy in Micah 5:2 that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. Initially, the main significance of Bethlehem is its insignificance, a small town of no great importance. But, then comes King David and the messianic promises that come through him.

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If you're fairly new to Sovereign Grace Church you may find a lot of our music unfamiliar. We recently updated our Music and Worship page to include links to many of the Sovereign Grace songs that we use in worship. You can either listen with a free Spotify account, or click through to the Sovereign Grace Music links to download sheet music, guitar charts, lyrics, or mp3s.



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This is from the SG blog regarding their new album and devotional:

We recently announced that there is a new Christmas album from Sovereign Grace Music called Prepare Him Room. In that post, we said that there are some other exciting resources accompanying the album (by the same name): a family devotional and a classroom curriculum.

Marty Machowski wrote the devotional and curriculum while Bob Kauflin partnered with him by overseeing the creation of the album. So, I took the opportunity to ask these men some questions to give you a more behind-the-scenes look:

How long does…

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