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Church, here is an update from Mike Seaver at Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry in Charleston, SC.

Thanks so much for praying!

We have a collaborative effort of several local churches called 1Charleston that we have been doing for about a year. We are in great position to mobilize (and we have been mobilizing) and we are calling all Charleston pastors across racial and denominational lines to pray together. We are gathering on Tuesday night, June 30th in Emanuel AME Church.  Please pray for that time together.

We are then calling on folks from the city to have…

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I hope you have enjoyed the recent installation of Jermaine Powell’s painting of the communion elements in our church lobby. His talent needs no exposition: it is obvious and the painting speaks of it loudly....But we don’t incorporate art into our church life thoughtlessly. And there are more questions at stake than simply “does it look nice?”

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A bit as an extension of Phil's sermon last week on love, unity, and godly dissent, we added a small button on the right side of our Members Page on the website. The button is labeled "Feedback for the Elders?" and takes you to a page with the statement below.

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