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This is a long and detailed document but also very important for the upcoming season in our church life together. Please take time to read through all of it to digest how our Sunday meetings will be different over the next few months.

The elders are grateful that the church will be able to begin meeting together again on Sunday mornings. It will be a mixture of praise, joy, gratefulness, and awkwardness. We are glad to be back together, but recognize that the changes in our schedule, physical space, and safety protocols will feel unnatural and frustrating at times.

Thank you for your commitment to bearing with one another and with your leaders as we seek to honor the Lord, provide a safe environment, and encourage one another through gathering together in these strange times.

— John McLeod

Basic Plan

  • Beginning Sunday, June 7, we will be having in-person worship services.
  • We will have two services to enable safe distancing.
    • 9:00am-10:15am - 1st Service
    • 11:00am-12:15pm - 2nd Service
  • We will also continue live streaming our 11:00am service on YouTube.
  • We will not be having Children’s Ministry classes.
  • We are limiting to 175 persons in the auditorium and 25 in the multipurpose room.
  • We are asking families to RSVP for which service they will attend to distribute our numbers as evenly as possible between the two services. Click HERE to RSVP
  • Ushers will seat you and your family in the next available seats in the auditorium.

For many more details, read the entire post.

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(Our next mid-week video is up

Hello, everyone. I’ve got an announcement and then some background. First the announcement: This Sunday night we’re holding a worship service in the church’s backyard. It’ll be a chance to gather for live worship—and see each other. It’s also a step toward a live Sunday morning service.

It’ll feel a little different to gather while maintaining what we now call “social distance.” This 6’ of space we call “social distance” is just a tad farther than normal. It’s basically the distance of a fist bump where you don’t quite land it.

This isn’t brand…

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Changes to the Current Restrictions on Gatherings

North Carolina’s stay-at-home order is scheduled to expire on May 8th. This is dependent on certain metrics being met (a leveling or decreased trajectory of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations over 14 days). Assuming those metrics are met, we'll begin the first of three phases. These phases follow the Presidential corona task force guidelines. Phase 1, set to begin May 8th, allows for more commercial business but still no indoor gatherings over 10 people. This phase will hopefully last 2 to 3 weeks. The plan now is that Phase 2 will allow…

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This week's video update is now available. For this installment we look at Isaiah 40 and the way it presents God as both infinite over us and concerned for us. In hard times we need to be confident of both. 

The quote I read is from Jerry Bridges' The Joy of Fearing God

Through these word-pictures of God’s immensity, sovereignty, and power, Isaiah is seeking to communicate to us something of the greatness of God. As the Westminster Shorter Catechism says, He is infinite, eternal, and unchangeable. His infinity means He is totally without limits. If the waters of the…

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Brothers and sisters and those in our community, 

SGC will not be holding normal Sunday services on March 15th or 22nd. We'll make a decision in the next ten days or so about the Sundays after that. 

We will, however, be streaming our service. The link will be on the home page. You can watch on your computer or SmartTV. Check with your home group leader to see what the plan is for potentially gathering as a home group for a time of worship. We realize different people will have different levels of comfort meeting in groups of…

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As is evident on all media platforms, the impact of the Coronavirus continues to escalate. The elders are trying to discern the right response. We don't pretend to be experts on these matters, and we understand that you might feel the need to be more (or less) conservative than we are. If so, that's fine. Just make sure you're communicating with all the people you need to if you aren't able to serve in a ministry that expects you. 

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