This Sunday, Chris Scott will be leading our congregational music for us. Chris and his wife Rebecca are new members of our church, but began serving and sinking into church life, here, from their very first Sunday. 

Chris has spent a lifetime playing music and singing in choirs and comes to us having served for nine years as the worship leader of Christ Community in Wilson. A career move brought him and Rebecca and their three sons to Apex this summer, and we are the beneficiaries. Chris has appreciated the worship music ministry of Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Churches for years, and so while not having attended a Sovereign Grace Church before ours, he comes to us with similar values and priorities. (In other words, don't worry: he's not going to do anything weird.) 

Our church is committed to incorporating new members into as many areas of ministry as possible. It's a sign of a healthy church when you see new faces serving in new ways, even if it can also be a little discomfiting. So pray for both him and yourself this week!