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Sermon Passages: John 3:13-19

Jesus had to be lifted up that the world might be saved through him, lifted up to die and lifted up to be highly esteemed. Only the blood of God's own Son could appease God's holy wrath against the sins of his people. The world was already condemned; Jesus came that those who believe in the name of the only Son of God would be saved!

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Sermon Passages: Luke 22:1-20

Jesus instituted this new ordinance, redefining the Passover Feast as a covenant meal that reminds us of his perfect sacrifice, assures us the new covenant promises are true, and proclaims the Lord's death until he returns. Remember, if you are in Christ, those promises (Jer. 31:34) are yours: he has written his law on your heart, he is your God, you know him, and he has paid the price for your sin and forgiven your iniquity. Glory to God!

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Sermon Passages: John 17:1-5

It is possible to experience peace and joy in the midst of persecution because we can rest in the certain glory of Christ, a glory that was peculiar from man's perspective as Jesus headed to the cross, yet this glory was also planned by God, purposeful, and pre-existing. In Christ we can stand against persecution and suffer for God remembering this certainty.

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Sermon Passages: 2 Samuel 23.1-7

David's life has much to teach us. In both his successes and failures, he shows in powerful ways what can happen when God is solidly at the center of your lives and what happens when God is not. David's life is a powerful challenge to young men and women – and to us all – to keep God at the center of your life wherever you go and whatever you do!

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Sermon Passages: 1 Kings 2:1-12

David's heirs failed to be strong and faithful to God, but despite the sinfulness of David's son's, God was faithful to His covenant promise—to keep David's line and put a son of David on the throne forever. He sent Jesus, the greater son, who lived a sinless life and proved himself utterly faithful even unto death. We are called to run this race looking to no earthly leader, but to the Founder and Perfecter of our faith, to Jesus who goes before us and is beside us. We can run with endurance because He is our hope!

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Sermon Passages: 2 Samuel 22:1-51

David's life and his psalm in 2 Samuel 22 remind us that the Christian life is warfare. Unlike David, however, no person or tribe or country is our enemy; this world so filled with temptations, our sinful hearts, and the devil—these are our enemies. But David also reminds us that ultimately, the battle is the Lord's. We don't fight alone. The Lord of the universe, the King of creation, the God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is with us and in us, in front of us, behind us, above us, and below us. He is our strength and our shield, our fortress and our deliverer!